Maquenque Eco Lodge

Maquenque Eco Lodge is a real off the beaten track destination. The unpaved gravel road leading to the hotel is of stunning beauty and along the way large pineapple fields are gradually giving way to primary rainforest. This is rural Costa Rica at its best and when you stop in one of the little villages you’re passing, feel free not only to watch the daily village life but to participate in it as well. Upon arrival you will park your car and cross the river by boat to reach Maquenque Eco Lodge.  

The Costa Rican Artavia family who built the lodge were cattle famers originally and decided to give their farming fields back to nature. Today they earn their money with eco tourism and they’re doing a great job in Maquenque. Because of the fast growing pineapple production is a very vulnerable natural area. It is the natural habitat of various endangered species, among which the Green Macaw. In the past 10 years, Costa Rica developed into the largest pineapple exporter in the world and unfortunately this did not come without severe natural consequences.

You can help protect primary rainforest by staying at the lodge and the Artavia family will invite you to plant a tree at their property in support of replanting the rainforest http://ukvi....a-uk/. During your stay they will show you what else they are doing locally to raise awareness regarding the protection of the valuable primary rainforest. 

Upon your arrival you will find that the lodge is stunningly located along the river and a lake. The jungle is overwhelming and guided by one of the excellent local guides you can enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. Another option is to explore the area by boat. Maquenque Eco Lodge offers tours to Boca San Carlos, but you can even go on a day tour to neighboring Nicaragua. Once your are back at the lodge, take your time (and your binoculars) and enjoy everything that comes by flying, swimming or crawling. This is nature at its best, right at your doorstep!

"We are part of the Green cicle because we all are enthusiastic in what we do and because together we make a great product for nature lovers! Enjoy your stay!"