Rancho Margot

Sustainability becomes visible, touchable and above all, understandable at Rancho Margot. You will find the hotel literally at the end of the road along the Arenal lake. The property was bought some 10 years ago by Chilean born Juan Sostheim and his sons. Now Rancho Margot is on its way to become the inspiring self sufficient community Juan envisioned all these years ago. As you will experience yourself, the ranch is not only a comfortable hotel, but also a learning centre, a farm, a Spanish school and a yoga institute. 

At Rancho Margot everything you eat is produced organically in its own gardens, greenhouses and stables. You are invited to come and milk the cows, collect your eggs and herbs from its herb garden and to see how your bathroom soap is made. The hot water in the shower of your comfortable bungalow is being heated via an ingenious system of pipes and with the help of manure…and no, this doesn’t smell! Hear, see and experience these stories and more during the 'Rancho tour' which is a free guided walk of about an hour or 2 around the impressive farm grounds. 

As for activities on and around the farm; you can enjoy a free yoga class twice a day at a beautiful location or go horseback riding…or kayaking…or hiking…
Along the way you for sure will get to know some of the staff who together with volunteers are working hard to make Rancho Margot every day a nicer and more sustainable place to stay: Care to Learn, Learn to Care!

"The Green Circle offers an opportunity for travelers to gain insight into a ‘true’ Costa Rican learning & travel experience that provides a seamless travel itinerary, minimizing the stresses of travel coordination while also maximizing each visitor's exposure to sustainability and responsible travel. For this reason, Rancho Margot is proud to partner with The Green Circle."