The Green Circle

and offers you an unforgettable journey in Costa Rica, one of the world`s top eco destinations and extremely rich in flora and fauna. All hotels stand out in terms of service and quality and pay a great deal of attention to sustainability.

When travelling the Green Circle Experience you will notice that sustainability for us is naturally the way we want to do business, respecting the country’s resources and its inhabitants, but also you as our guest. Sustainability is not confined to the environment, but has everything to do with the way we work with local communities and with each other as well. We want to create sustainable, durable partnerships based on mutual respect. An important motto for all of us is: Care to Learn and Learn to Care. We all share a passion and a life long commitment on living and working here in paradise, in Costa Rica and we invite you to come meet us and experience it all yourself.

The Green Circle Experience is a two week journey (which can of course be extended) for individual travelers, families or small groups. Tour operator Edventure organizes transport (rental car or private arrangements) between the various destinations. When organizing rental cars we work with local provider Mapache Rent A Car, the first CO2 neutral car rental company in Costa Rica and one that is thoroughly involved in the sustainable development of tourism in Costa Rica. More detailed information can be found in the travel itinerary.

How we started....
The Green Circle Experience actually started as a brainstorm weekend on tourism in Costa Rica, initiated by Edventure, a small Costa Rican tour operator with Dutch management. Owners Ed Smit and Renee Snijders offer ‘off the beaten track’ packages and tours and let their travelers explore the most beautiful, but lesser known corners of Costa Rica.

Edventure is a small company offering personalized and tailor made services and this is the way they do business with their hotels as well. One of the nicest things of working with hotels is listening to the often inspiring stories of its owners. And this is how we thought of organizing a brainstorm weekend bringing the passionate owners of in our opinion the most inspiring places to stay in Costa Rica together and see what happens next.

What happened next was an incredible, almost magical atmosphere of sharing passion, knowledge and experiences and it was in this atmosphere that the Green Circle Experience was born. Together with 5 incredible hotels and its owners Edventure would like to invite travelers to come and experience the true Costa Rica, and get inspired by what the Green Circle hotels aspire and stand for when living and working in COSTA RICA:

C URIOSITY is what drives you to discover Costa Rica...and the personal reward will be huge. Costa Rica is a true natural paradise. Abundant wildlife thrives throughout the country.

O FF THE BEATEN TRACK is the way this country should really be explored. Commercial corporate websites will guide you to well known places while this country has so much more to offer. Experience Costa Rica in a different way. Get a real taste of paradise .... and immerse yourself!

S USTAINABILITY defines Costa Rica. The first country with the ambitious intention to become Carbon Neutral by the year 2021. We are proud to be part of that process and we intend to play an active role, because:

T REASURES are all of our hotels. It really doesn't get any better than this. Great hotels and great food. And yet, The Green Circle is so much more than that. Walk in to one of the Green Circle hotels and you will know within 10 minutes that you will never ever forget this place. The Green Circle came to be because of a common vision and initiative. One that can only be achieved by people who believe in what they do and love and respect the country. It is not one person or one company trying to sell you a tour. It is a dream we all pursued and are willing to share. We invite you to become part of it!

A DVENTURE is what you will find. Your own adventure. Make your dreams come true. Live today like there is no tomorrow. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Dive into our concept. The Green Circle is YOUR adventure, we are only here to make it happen.

R ESPECT is core to the shared mission of The Green Circle. Respect for nature, respect for the country we live in but most of all, respect for each other. We hope to earn your respect in what we offer and we invite you to experience this amazing country.

I INSPIRATION is what drives us. Green Circle hotels all exist due to great inspiration and hard work. We inspire each other. And by doing that, 1 and 1 definitely adds up to 3. We hope we will inspire you as well. But do not only count on us. We also count on you! Come find your inspiration and inspire us!

C HALLENGE is what keeps us going. Each member of The Green Circle is passionate to further the cause of their choice, whether that be sustainable education, protecting and displaying indigenous art of the region or providing shelter for teenage mothers and their children... have you been challenged recently?

A DDICTIVE! Yes, Costa Rica is addictive. Once you have been to this paradise you will want to come back to see, hear, feel and experience more.... We strive to leave an unforgettable impression and food for thought. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. The Green Circle inspires, challenges and respects. Pura Vida!