15 August 2015 

Edventure is currently working with student Pam on making interactive short movies and selfies on the Green Circle, in order to involve (potential) travelers even more in their journey. We have also launched a Green Circle facebook page on which you can read more about her adventures in Costa Rica while traveling the Green Circle. 

10 May 2015

The travel story on the Green Circle Experience, as traveled by Chief Editor Aart Aarsbergen and Photographer David de Jong, has been published! It's become an impressive story, in Dutch however...please go to this link to read the full article: 
For English readers we will take care of a translation soon, here you can see a photo impression already, enjoy! 

6 January 2015
Edventure Costa Rica will promote the Green Circle Experience at various tourism fairs in the Netherlands this month. Come visit us in Amsterdam at the 'Beurs voor Bijzondere Reizen' (10 & 11 January, see also, in Utrecht at the 'Vakantiebeurs' (13-18 January, see also or in Maastricht (24 & 25 January, see also and hear more about the Green Circle and our other Edventures....Find Edventure....and Live Your Dream!

4 January 2015

National Geographic explored Costa Rica by way of the Green Circle Experience! Chief Editor Aart Aarsbergen of National Geographic and Traveler Magazine in the Netherlands discovered Costa Rica by travelling his own Green Circle, visiting the 5 hotels throughout the country. National Geographic is always looking for inspiring stories at inspiring locations and the Green Circle in Costa Rica is just what he was looking for. The cover story on the Green Circle will be published in April 2015 and was already included in the annual overview as a 'highlight' of more via this link (in Dutch):