Green Circle Travelogues

The Green Circle Experience is a great way to explore Costa Rica. Everything that makes the country special you'll encounter during your trip. To us, each destination was unique and tells an inspiring story. Either if you are a person that enjoys adventure and activity or to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you, this trip to us was one that we will never forget.

For us the Green Circle started at Ylang Ylang which lies close to the charming little surfer's town of Montezuma. Ylang Ylang breaths an excellent vibe, everything is beautiful and special and nature is stunning. All rooms and cabins are unique, have ocean view and are built by Lenny, the American owner that runs the beach resort with his wife Patricia and their children. At the beach resort you can jump in the pool, the ocean of have a shower in a cristal clear waterfall nearby.

Hacienda La Isla was our next stop and is also a fascinating place. The Belgian owner Jean Pierre is passionated about Costa Rica's history and its indigenous cultures. This is reflected in many details of the hotel and each room is dedicated to a certain theme and tells its own story. You stay at a grand, colonial lodge where wildlife is abundant; monkies, birds, frogs, iguanas etc. will meet you along one of the walking paths. The hotel restaurant is right near a little lake that is full of life, even a cayman is waiting patiently for leftovers full article!

We are great nature lovers and Maquenque Eco Lodge was a destination we will never forget in our lives. The hotel is a real 'off the beaten track' location and it takes a while to get there. An unpaved gravel road leads to a parking spot where you leave your car and step on a boat that brings you to the lodge at the other side of the river, a true adventure! Maquenque Eco Lodge is managed by the Costa Rican Artavia family and the 6 brothers and sisters are passionate about the lodge and the nature that surrounds it. They will do the utmost to offer their guests the time of their lives when staying at the lodge and take you on canoe tours or go horse back riding. Your room is a comfortable cabin where you will enjoy the nightly jungle sounds and monkies will wake you for breakfast!

Rancho Margot is beautifully located and from your private cabin you have a great view on the surrounding mountains and primary rainforest. Rancho Margot is a self sufficient community, all food you eat comes from its own garden and cows, pigs and chicken provide meat, milk, cheese and eggs. It is amazing to see how everything works here and how everything is thought out to be as efficient and ecological as possible. Never before we saw a place where everything comes together in such a way, a real inspiration!

When we got back to San Jose we stayed in Grano de Oro, a beautiful colonial boutique hotel in the centre of San Jose where everything breaths style and class. The restaurant is amazing and afterwards you can relax with a cocktail in the rooftop jacuzzi!

As experiences travellers we can recommend the Green Circle to anyone and will certainly do so to our parents and friends in the Netherlands, we had an unforgettable trip and thank everybody for sharing their passion and story with us!

Robert Verspui & Joost Bienenmann
the Netherlands